The Government of Nagaland recognizing the importance of the Green energy in view of the Global warming has created a separate Department of New and Renewable Energy vide Government Memorandum letter No.AR-3/Gen-199/99 dated 29th July, 2009 to facilitate project development in the State in consonance with the various schemes and programmes under the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India. The Department was created by merging the Officers’ & Staffs’ of the erstwhile Non Conventional Energy (NCE) Cell under the Department of Rural Development forming as the core group of the Directorate of New and Renewable Energy. The Department has also been mandated to take up Hydro project up to 10 MW. Therefore, the Department of NRE has 2 Wings Viz. NCE & Hydro Wing.


Mission/Vision Statement: To harness green and clean renewable energy sources in the State for environment benefits, mitigate Global warming/Climate change and Energy Security. Have Renewable Energy projects across the State either on grid or off-grid mode. To conserve & promote Energy Efficiency & Energy Conservation measures in Industrial, Commercial and Government establishments including domestic buildings


Aims and Objectives:

  1. To harness the environment friendly RE sources and to enhance their contribution to the socio-economic development.
  2. To meet and supplement rural energy needs through sustainable RE projects.
  3. To provide decentralized energy supply to agriculture, industry, commercial and household sector.
  4. To supplement efforts in bridging the gap between demand and supply of power, with renewable energy sources and strengthening the grid system and evacuation arrangements for RE projects.
  5. To support efforts for developing, demonstrating and commercializing new and emerging technologies in the RE sector, and to this end, help establish linkages with national and international institutions for active collaboration.
  6. To create public awareness and involve users/local community along with capacity building in establishing, operating and managing RE projects.
  7. To establish dedicated renewable energy “Special Economic Zones” (SEZ) to promote renewable energy projects.
  8. To give necessary support & facilitation to the entrepreneurs and investors to successfully implement RE projects to produce more renewable energy without delay and to attract more investment in state by the private developers.
  9. To initiate necessary measures in energy conservation as per the guidelines of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India.
  10. To create direct and indirect employment opportunities especially in rural and backward areas.